Unread Until Click Another Message?

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If I click an email and read it then click delete, it shows unread message in my trash. I have to click another emails first then go back to the email I want deleted before it can be sent to the trash as read.

How can I set Outlook to mark a message as read as soon as I click on it and while it is still highlighted? Usually I have a few emails but right now I have zero emails in my inbox. So when I get one I have nothing else to click to deselect the email, I have to go into sent or trash or another folder then come back to inbox THEN delete the email.

I do not like seeing a # next to Trash.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
Ctrl+Q will do it manually, or you can change the setting in View tab, Reading pane, Options. You probably want Mark as read when viewed nn seconds. 5 seconds is usually a good value so it doesn't get marked as read too quickly.
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