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New PC and loaded Office 2007. Went fine, but on Office, though mail comes in, it goes I want my mail to go to. I've even made rules, but my mail ends up in the Inbox. I hope I'm describing this right. Help? It's a pain to move 60 pieces of mail/day to the folders they belong in, every day.
So you want rules to move mail into folders? Do the rules work if you use Run Rules Now?

Diane, What I want is for my Unread mail to show up in my Unread folder. I think my mail is going to the specified folders sometimes, but they always show up in the Inbox folder and then I have to move them where they're supposed to go. Additionally, I can't tell if I've read a particular email (I sometimes get copies of earlier mail) because it never shows up in Unread. I have over 150 folders in my .pst. It's time consuming to go thru each one to find out if I have mail. Some mail goes to folders via rules. My problem is simply that my unread folder doesn't work.
I just downloaded this mail. It's junk but it should be in the junk folder AND the Unread folder. Perhaps this isn't a good example, but my past experience has been that EVERY piece of mail shows up in Unread. I count on it. Now, Unread ... is dead. How do I fix it?


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Click on Unread folder. Does the unread mail populate it at all? If you regularly (daily) use the folder, it should always work. Junk mail shouldn't be in the Unread folder but if you look at the properties of the search folder, you can control which folders are searched. Right click, choose Customize search folder. Or you can create a new search folder, using the last option to create a custom search folder (right click on Search Folders, choose New search folder), then choose Unread in the filter dialog and choose the folder you want to search.
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