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I am not sure where to start on this question.We have purchase orders on Excel. We open the PO and enter the info we want. Then we do the file, send, send as email attachment, option.This works just fine, but we have a workaround system using a MAPI email account through for synchronizing our calendars and contacts.This email is set as the default data file so that when we open the contact list and hit add new contact, that it automatically goes to this MAPI email account and synchronizes to the rest of our computers and BB's. The same is true for the calendar. When we open the calendar and want to add a new event the calendar that is automatically chosen for the new event is in the MAPI data file because it is default. This then is very smoothly synchronized across mulitple devices.Now the problem is this. We have two people always in the office. If we use this default data file as our default email address file, then both workers get each others emails (not a good scenario). So we hide this default data file as much in the background as possible and everything works great; until....When we open our PO's and want to send them as an attachment from Excel. The same holds true for documents from Word. Just before we send the email we can choose the option to send the email from the correct email address in the dropdown menu just below the send button on the 2007 outlook new email box. But when we hit send then it somehow jumps back to the default data (not default email) email address. So people end up getting emails from two different email addresses from the same person.How can I avoid or fix this?Anyone have a clue?
So the problem is that the file, Send dialogs uses the default account, not the selected account?

Have you tried setting the IMAP account as the default Email account and the data file as the default data file? (It's been awhile since I tried that in Outlook 2007 with the Outlook connector.)
The email sends from the default data file email account.I have the default email account set as a POP3 account with a different email address than the default data file.I haven't tried to make my IMAP email account default. Do you think that it would make it work? But I still want to be able to select which account I want to send from for different things.
You'll still be able to select accounts any time, but try it with the imap account (not data file) set as the default account. It *should* work.
Well I tried to make one of my IMAP email accounts the default account but the default data email account would always be the one to send it.

So I guess that didn't work. I have no idea what to try next. I don't know if anyone on the internet has ever run into this before as I can't seem to find anything when I search.

Maybe not many people have more than 1 or 2 email addresses
Well, i know a lot of people here have a lot of addresses... so i think its more that either no one does what you are doing or they used different terms than you are using to search. I'll check it out tomorrow with just an and imap account in a profile.
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