How to avoid sending mail to the wrong contact person

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Chi Law

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I would like a way to identify contact person between the internal staff and external person with the similar name.
I have people been sending mail to the wrong contact due to a similar name and that causes issue and embarrassment.
I am seeking a way to differentiate internal and external addresses as soon as it was typed in the To/Cc/Bc field.
I am thinking a highlighted text of the person's name if it detected to have an external domain. Or would it be possible to highlighted all the external contact (with external domain) in all address book?

Any help in this matter is much appreciated.
I was following the discussion on verifying contact before send, is that is the route for this problem?

Diane Poremsky

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That is not possible. One option is the admin changes the display names in the GAL to add the company name: "John Doe (Acme Inc) "
(It might work to add gal to contacts and change the display name - but outlook may grab the gal entry instead.)

Another option is to use a macro when messages are sent to external addresses - Warn Before Sending Messages to the Wrong Email Address
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