Outlook 2003 email sending & receiving suddenly stopped working


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Sending/ receiving emails suddenly stopped working and now I get an error message every time I try to send or every time the program automatically tries to send/receive, error:Ox800cccOF

I am using a Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 laptop with XP Pro and Office 2003/ Outlook 2003.

I am still using this old system for a specific purpose, because I have numerous Office Contacts databases which I mailmerge to documents and will want to continue this for another year or so. At that point I will no longer need this and will move to using a modern computer with Windows 10 and an equally modern Office suit.

To attempt to resolve the emailing problem I have tried all of the following:

I have removed/ reset the email account settings, did a test in account settings which failed saying it “could not connect to the incoming server Pop3 – check settings and verify email address”.
My email account settings are correct and the same as I have always used for years before this problem occurred.
I am using Outlook.com email address and am using their web-based mail without any issues. This is still set to send emails to Outlook 2003 as it has always been.
Opening Outlook 2003 in safe mode still has the problem.
I have done a ping test and can access the Outlook.com servers OK.
I have also run the scan.pst Inbox Repair Tool several times which repaired a few emails, then compacted the .pst files to ensure there is enough available space in the .pst folder.
I have removed all deleted, sent, inbox emails in Outlook 2003 and in Outlook.com web-based account to remove any corrupt emails which might be blocking send/ receive.
I have disabled Avast antivirus and Ms Firewall temporarily to check if this could in any way be blocking emails, but it is not. I have both of these set to allow Outlook.com/ Outlook 2003 .
The error shows up in the Outlook Event Viewer, a copy report is attached.

I had not made any changes or additions to the laptop or any software programs prior to the problem occurrence.

I have not at this point tried to repair or re-install the Outlook 2003/ Office 2003 for fear of losing any of my files, settings or personal configurations. Also I would lose all of the many Windows updates and security patches installed over the years.

I am seeking help to resolve the emailing problem.

Many thanks in advance.




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Continued )
Further to my thread above regarding "Email sending /receiving stopped working"
Further details of the error messages are as follows:

The error when trying to send/receive says:
> Task Receiving - Error Ox800cccOF - connection to the server was interrupted.

The error when testing in the account settings says:
> Find incoming mail server(POP3) - could not connect to the incoming mail server(POP3). The problem could be the server name or port, or your server may not support SSL
> send test email - unable to send test message, please verify the email address field.

I have checked that my account settings are correct for using Outlook.com mail client and are the same as I have been using successfully for years until now.

I hope this gives a little more information on the problem.



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I am surprised your Outlook.com account is set up as pop3. Mine are Exchange accounts.
I suggest adding an additional account for it to Outlook as a test, and choose Exchange Account. Or let it do the Automatic setup if your version does that.


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Thanks Vincenzo, but I don't think that really addresses my issue. I think Exchange is for group users or businesses who want to share information between them, I am a single user so POP3 or IMAP are appropriate. I want to download the emails to my computer so POP is my choice for that (IMAP leaves it on the server).
So still looking for a fix for my error problem - anyone!
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