Synchronising contacts Outlook 365 with Google v.v.

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Right now I use a complex way of maintaining contacts, using Excel sheets, creating .csv files, importing here and there.
In case of any changes I use a small list of places that should be updated, like in some Excel workbooks and .csv lists, in Outlook contacts, in Google contacts.
Probably I can't do without at least 1/one Excel list: when printing, I can select which data and how to make it fit on paper (margin settings, font type, headers, etc.)

However, I do seek a reliable way to synchronise data between Outlook and Google contacts.

Am using Outlook 365 Exchange

Somewhere I read about a tool named Companionlink. Undoubtedly this is great software, I wonder whether I can manage without it.
The Microsoft support sites are showing solutions of importing .csv files only. Have not found a Wi-Fi solution, at least not when performing a Google Search on:
outlook contacts sync google "wi-fi" OR "wifi"

Any suggestions?
Forgot to add the background of above post...

Importing / exporting using .csv may bring along some additional issues.
For example, within Excel, one needs to remember to change the 'phone number'-cells' properties into 'Text'
Also, at least in my case, I need to add a leading '0' to the phone number, so, 1234567 to become 01234567
I have experienced that this leading '0' is necessary. Google Contacts will strip it anyhow, but without having the '0', after importing into Google Contacts, the number that shows up in the phone book on your smartphone looks fine, but will not connect/dial. When the '0' is added to the phone number in the Excel csv file, then, after importing, the phone number will work fine.
That's all in Excel then.

Also, one needs to verify whether the address fields within Outlook contain commas... in which case one might better switch to the English version of Office.
For example: the Dutch version of Office adds a semicolumn as field separator (although comma has been set...)
and also has a comma in the address fields, like 'Home Address Street' > 'Huisadres, straat' (Home Address = Huisadres, Street=Straat).
When creating a .csv file, Huisadres' and 'straat' end up in separate columns.
Posted a thread on, see below thread. Probably the thread will not be read by anyone within Microsoft though.

All this brings me to seeking a solution that does -not- use the csv import/export method.

Outlook - Export/Import contacts - .csv file - list separator issue
You'll definitely need to use a utility to sync with gmail calendar and contacts. Companionlink (my fav) or gsyncit are the two most popular.

Probably I can't do without at least 1/one Excel list: when printing, I can select which data and how to make it fit on paper (margin settings, font type, headers, etc.)
You can do this using mail merge - its easy to filter if you start it in outlook (not in word).

If you want to print from Excel, you can create a filtered table view in Outlook, copy and paste into Excel.
As always, many thanks Diane. Indeed Companionlink looks really fine. Maintaining addresses has always been a bit of a problem, resulting in keeping various Excel lists up to date and then importing them into Outlook.

It starts with the issue of having in Excel:
- full/complete addresses (i.e. with street names, zip codes, etc.), with 2 'notes' fields, having two different purposes
- having names and phone numbers only (but no addresses, e.g. from club member lists)
- having names and phone and email addresses (e.g. from club member lists, but having mailed with a number of the members)
- having names and email addresses only

Now, image I would manage to get them all in Contacts.
Is there a way to apply some kind of filter and copy those filtered contacts to a different folder within Outlook Contacts.
The contacts in this different folder will be imported into the home handset (Gigaset) using Gigasync software.
Right now I use csv import for this purpose.

Same goes for contacts on the smartphone: I don't need -all- contacts in Google Contacts, I just want to have a set of selected/frequently used contacts on the smartphone. In Outlook contacts I might create a folder, say, SmartphoneContacts and copy the frequently used contacts in there.
How would Companionlink handle that? Would it be possible to sync only a folder within Outlook Contacts?

Sorry for all the questions...
I forgot to ask: Outlook Contacts has first name, last name, full name, etc.

So, there could be
John Doe - with full address/email blah blah
Lady Doe - same

However, when sending an invitation, or something, the address would read like: Mr and Mrs Doe

I am sure you have thought of a solution for that?
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