Outlook 2003 pictures - some visible, some not

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Mayo Pardo

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Using Windows XP Pro svc. pack 3, Outlook 2003 will display all pictures from some companies, and from other companies, no pictures will be visible, and still other companies where their emails will display a mix with some pictures visible and others not.

I have Outlook configured so that the Automatic picture download settings "Don't download pictures..." is UNchecked.

My security zones zone setting is set to default (Medium high, Internet)

I don't use Internet Explorer but I have it set to default set up configuration. Normally I use Firefox for internet browsing however I read emails directly in Outlook, not on the web.

Are companies using newer forms of html in emails/newsletters that my older system just won't accept and that's why some pictures don't show up? I've looked at the html code of the emails with the problem images but I can't understand why one image will display and another will not. The newsletter from Instructables.com is always a problem for me since this started. Some time ago displaying images was never a problem with any emails.

Any suggestions for changing settings I may have not considered?
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