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It has been 10+ years since I programmed custom forms in OL, but I remember using custom WYWO forms that exactly mimicked a pink telephone While You Were Out form -- and I found some again on your site (Thank you, Diane).

However, I am having difficulty using either one with OL2010.

(1) The "While You Were Out" offering unzips a PST file. When opened (File - Open - Outlook Data File), the pst is added to OL, but I cannot see anything in the root folder of this PST (instructions say the form is supposed to be in root folder). Is some security setting deleting whatever is in there? Also, going into Developer toolbar - Choose Form - Personal Forms Library is empty.

(2) The WYWO offering unzips an OFT file. Double-clicking this file results in this message (paraphrased):

Access to this form is blocked. If you trust the source:​

Home tab - New Items - More Items - Choose Form​

In the Look In list, click "User Templates in the File System", and then select and open the template you want.​

However, following those instructions does not show anything in that folder.

Is there a workaround / solution / 2010-compatible alternative?

Thank you
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