What are best practices for a re-install Office 13 w/BCM with OS re-install

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I need to do a re-install of Windows 7 OS. This will be a completely clean install on newly formatted clean partition. With that in mind what are best practices relative to BCM. I will back up the dbase using the built in backup tool right before I shut things down. Is there anything else I need to do to enable a clean and simple restore following the re-install of the OS and Office 2013?

Please give me every possible little thing that I can to do prep for this. I really need this to be a clean and (reasonably) effortless process with no hiccups.

Thank you.


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Re: What are best practices for a re-install Office 13 w/BCM with OS re-instal

That is all you need for BCM. Along with the BCM backup, I'd copy the folders (or at least the MS folders) under Appdata - %appdata%\Microsoft\ and %localappdata%\Microsoft
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