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I had BCM installed with outlook 2013 running windows 7. I have upgraded to windows 10 and everything was running fine. Outlook then started having problems with the BCM plugin and disabled it. I wasn't able to enable it so I thought to remove it. Then I started having other problems with office not opening files. I then removed and reinstalled office.
Now I want to install BCM. I have downloaded BCM2010-BCMSetup-x86-en-US but the installations fails.
Am I using the correct file to install on office 2013 running windows 10 with 32bit?
Thanks Diane I'll try that one.
I was asked to agree the MS licence then click OK. Straight away a window appears saying this installation package has failed.
Thanks Diane I'll try that one.
I was asked to agree the MS licence then click OK. Straight away a window appears saying this installation package has failed.
I have downloaded the latest file and tried to install and the same thing has happened. It would seem I have a problem with folder permissions or a program is blocking the installation? JC
What is the exact error message?
The exact error after the licence
agreement License Terms.JPG
Business Manager Installation.JPG
agreement message is:
Business Contact Manager Installation (window title)
The installation of this package failed.
Find the log file in the temp folder - it should have a clue as to what caused the failure.
sorry Diane
I have looked in the temp folder c:\temp and there is nothing I can find relating to it. I ran the installer and then looked but didn't pick up anything relating to it. I have looked in C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp and found a CVRCC15.tmp.cvr file which I couldn't open.
Could you direct me to the temp folder you mean? The C:\temp file is empty.
It's not the cvr file, it's BCMSetupWizardtmp.log or similar - it will say BCM in the filename. It should be in the appdata temp - the one that opens when you type %temp% in the address field of Windows Explorer or in the Run command.

Also see if there are any messages in the event viewer.
I have copied all the files I have found in the temp folder marked BCM. As they show I did have BCM installed when I upgraded from windows 7 to 10. Worked well for a time the it started to slow outlook down and it was disabled. I couldn't get it enabled so I uninstalled BCM and am now trying to reinstall it.


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Did you also uninstall SQL? I hope not- I could not get BCM reinstalled when i uninstalled BCM and SQL.
Not intentionally only BCM. Looking at the programs and features Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client is still there. No other SQL.
Uninstalling SQL would require you to actually select it in the dialog where you choose to uninstall BCM. I don't see anything in the log files that says why it failed - the one log file just seems to switch from installing to uninstalling. Is there anything in the event viewer about it?

I know there are issues with the chart control (net framework needs ot be reinstalled) but that error comes up after it's installed, when you open Outlook and start BCM.
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