Cant find emails after moving pst

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Ok so I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this question, and I've searched but I haven't find anything.

Here is the situation: I have 2 PCs: PC_A and PC_B. Same domain user, same email account from exchange on both PCs. So this user had a pst in PC_A, which of course had e-mails that he was not able to see in PC_B's outlook. So he asked to see those emails in PC_B. So in PC_A I drag the folders (contained in the pst) to the inbox (I guess they will be stored on the server once again). Everything went smoothly. Then I went to PC_B I was able to see the folders and emails in the inbox. I tried to move those folders to a pst in PC_B but at the beginning it didn't let me (some message in regards of synchronization) I waited a couple of minutes, close outlook 2007 and re open it. Then I move the folders, but nothing was inside it (just one folder had a couple of emails). Then today I checked out that PC_B had a new folder called synchronization issues. To make long story short, still emails hasn't showed up. What I want to know how can I get those emails back?


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How many messages were in the folders? The steps you followed should have worked, but it can take some time to finish all the syncing. Outlook on PCA needed plenty of time to sync up and PCB needed plenty of time to sync everything down. The sync error you received the first time was because Outlook was still busy updating everything behind the scenes.

What do the sync error messages say? Is everything in the folder on PCA?
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