Cant open open outlook2013

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I have bought a new Microsoft Professional 2013.
I want to start using outlook but seems I can not open it at all.
The error message im getting is Outlook needs to download a local cache of your email before you can use it. Then the option, connect. When I want to connect it gives the next error message, The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unvailable. Outlook must be online.

This I can not understand because my internet is connected.
Could someone help me, its a home computer and Im from South Africa.


Are you using an Exchange server? According to your profile, you have an IMAP account, not Exchange server. Open Control panel and find Mail. It's under the user account category, or just use the search box to find it. Click Show Profiles. You can try editing the profile (select the profile, click Properties button) or just delete it and make a new one, using the correct account type.

Diane Poremsky

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Do you have an Exchange mailbox? If not, Outlook messed up the profile. This is not unusual when you convert a profile created in a really old version of outlook - it gets confused. You can open the profile in Control panel, Mail and delete the account then add it back. Outlook should get the account right using Auto Account Setup.

See for more information and screenshots.
Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Thanks im going to try to fix it.
It worked I have deleted all the things I had and made a new one.

Just another question, how do I add email accounts, seems outlook does not pic them up. Is there a reason for that.
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