Embedded photos no longer open with Photos or Photo Viewer

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
I returned to Outlook 2019 after a dalliance with Mozilla Thunderbird
Before I left, I was able to double click on photos embedded in the body of an email and they would open in Windows Photos or Photo Viewer
Now double clicking does nothing
How can I get that functionality back?
Were they imbedded in the HTML or attached? Most embedded html images won't open in a viewer - but I seem to recall pics sent by my sister from her iphone did. Will need to find them and check.
I just did some tests on my outlook 2016. Photos in the body of email will not display in a viewer when clicked on.
Photos sent from my iPhone are attachments, so they do use the viewer.
Photos sent from my iPhone are attachments, so they do use the viewer.
I have a client who is trying to get photos sent from iPhone sent as attachments. I think its an iphone change, he thinks windows or outlook.
Do his iPhone photos come through in the body?

Mine is iPhone 7, almost up to date with latest updates, the latest update still to be installed.
Yes, the photos are embedded. I have an iPhone 6s and mine also are sent with images embedded. Sending from either photos are opening Mail and attaching the phone = embedded.

Adding a signature used to convert to html - but removing the sign doesn't send as plain text.
I did some research, probably the same pages you would have seen.
I saw the mention of a signature as a factor, but I noticed that I had a sig and it was not showing up, but rather was an attachment too.
(this is being received on an Outlook account hosted by Hostgator).
Then I sent from iphone to my hotmail account in Outlook, the image is embedded in body, and the sig appears.

Then I wondered if the account I sent from on the phone makes a difference.
So I sent it from my phone, but sent from my hotmail account. Now the image is embedded in the body and the sig shows up, when received in both the hostgator and hotmail accounts.

So the type of account it is sent from on the phone makes a difference.
(sending from Gmail on the phone, it is an attachment).
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