Can no longer sync Outlook with iPhone calendar after iPhone update to 17.1.1

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I have an iPhone 12 with a gmail email account. I don't sync my calendar with iCloud, it's sync'd with Microsoft Outlook. At first, search was not working, so I went to iPhone Calendar Search not working iOS 17… - Apple Community
The solution there didn't work. It had me delete my gmail account (not sure if it should have been iCloud account instead). I lost all my emails. I added them back in by creating the account again. However, ALL my calendars are completely blank (iPhone calendar, Awesome Calendar (1 & 2).

When I try to sync iPhone with Outlook, it won't sync (it says "preparing to sync" & then nothing). I really screwed up my calendars.

How can I sync my iPhone calendar with Outlook?

Thank you in advance.
Hi, you may wish to look at using gSyncit Fieldston Software
It can handle sync'ing of calendars and contacts from many providers.
Thank you for your reply. I will note that solution for the future. After a quick look at the description, I notice that it doesn't say it sync's Outlook with an iPhone (& I don't use iCloud calendars, as I find they cause duplicate entries). However, I deleted my 2 "Awesome calendars (1 & 2), downloaded them again, & now everything works.

Thank you again.
My iPhone stopped syncing with Outlook again. I can't use the above suggestion because I use iTunes, not iCloud to backup & to sync the phone with Outlook. I plug my iPhone into the computer (Windows 10) & open Outlook 2016. Outlook recognizes my iPhone because the icon shows up & it also allows me to backup my phone. However, when I try to sync the iPhone, it says copying diagnostic information, then preparing to synchronize, then synchronizing calendars. It will eventually stop (the swirling motion near the upper left corner of Outlook), but the calendars aren't sync'd.

I even tried downloading Outlook from the app store & creating an account (it seemed to require both email & calendar). I set Outlook as my default calendar, but it still wouldn't sync with my iPhone 12. This only started happening a couple days ago & I've made no changes to Outlook or my iPhone immediately before this happened. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thank you.
Hi again, I use an iPhone 15 with Outlook mobile. Here's how I use gSyncit.
First of all, I use Google Calendar and Google Contacts to store my calendar and contacts data.
On my computer, I use Office 365 with Outlook calendar and contacts.
If I add/change/delete a calendar or contact, then gSyncit updates the Outlook data, as well as Google data.
This ensures my iPhone and Outlook data remain up-to-date.
If you have any questions, please get in touch.
Attached below is a schematic of the gSyncit process.

gSyncit Outline.jpg
Sorry it's taken so long to respond. Thank you for all the information. I really appreciate your expertise & time. What I'm actually trying to do is NOT have a calendar online, just on my desktop Outlook & my iPhone. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your reply. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Hi phrab ... you are welcome.
If you had Googled your issue you would see there are many affected due to the 17.1.1 update.
In some cases it is suggested it's a Microsoft Exchange problem.
In any event, that's why I prefer to use Google calendar/contacts as the primary database.
gSyncit then handles the Outlook<->Google synchronization flawlessly.
I can't use the above suggestion because I use iTunes, not iCloud to backup & to sync the phone with Outlook.

AFAIK, iTunes is heavily depreciated on Windows 64-bit now-days.

For this purpose, you should be using iCloud (like most of us trying to do similar). We have been using current-version of iCloud for Windows here since days of Office-2010,

This works for us for two-different sets of users, Windows-desktops, iPhones, etc.

Microsoft Office 2021 Pro (with Outlook 2021) 64-bit
iCloud for Windows v 14.2 (for Microsoft App-Store)
Apple iPhones (recent SE-2 & SE-3 models)

We have Contacts, Calendars, Photos, iCloud-Drive, etc ... all syncing between desktops, phones, and of course ... .
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