Double clicking on from email address does no longer open corresponding contact in Outlook 2007

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I have a tricky one: Outlook 2007 used to open the corresponding contact when I double click on the from email address, as long as I have a contact saved with that email address. That's no longer the case, instead the " E-mail Properties" window appears, as if I have no cantact with this email address saved.

If I try look up contact from the right click context menu, I get the error that Outlook could not find a contact with this email address... Altough of course I do have the contact with this email address saved and it also appears when I search for it under my contacts. It happens with all my contacts, by the way.

I have only one Contacts folder in my Personal Folders and these Contacts are also choosen in " Show this address list first" and " Keep personal addresses in" in the Address Book options.

Who knows this phenomenon and the solution to the problem?

Thanks for any help,


Guruprasad Ra

Follow the instructions in this Microsoft Article KB 292883 and check if this workaround helps to resolve the issue.


Thanks, but the contact is in my local Contacts folder and not in the Global Address List... Juerg


You're my personal hero! That did the trick, great, thanks a lot.


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Re: Double clicking on from email address does no longer open corresponding co

I just experienced the same thing.....and clear how to fix re the line: Creating New Outlook Profile and Open the old data file &nbsp

Is that a new macro?

Also, my contacts are in many different folders so need to find the contact of that email address throughtout all my contact folders.....

So what' the update from the "personal hero"?? She is the best!!


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Re: Double clicking on from email address does no longer open corresponding co

Any update per my questions?

Diane Poremsky

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Re: Double clicking on from email address does no longer open corresponding co

No macro - just bad HTML formatting on the board. :)

I've seen this problem before and I forget the cause or fix - Outlook either doesn't recognize the address as one that exists or something is preventing it from opening the contact. A new profile should fix it, but I'd first verify the To button brings up contacts in the address book.
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