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Hi All,

Got a weird one this time, the software that I work on, gives me an excel sheet that we use to check commercial placements.( advertisements). The sheet is made of different shows that are played throughout the day with each event having a corresponding time & duration. Now this sheet also has name of the commercials that are booked. Each show has 3 breaks & every break may have 1 to 20 commercials of different brands. Wanted to know if there's a way to highlight duplicate commercials in the same break & same show, Or is this doable in the first place????

This is all within Excel? Is each commercial in a separate cell in the same row? Excel is not our specialty, but you should be able to do something with conditional formatting or a macro. vlookup or a pivot table might work too - it really depends on how the sheet is laid out. I recommend the forums at Mr Excel for help with Excel-specific programming.
Yes, this is all in excel, will try that forum, anyways, thanks for the suggestion
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