Outlook 2007, clicking email addresses fails to open Contact

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Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Exchange Server
Clicking on email addresses (within emails received) no longer opens the associated Contact. This problem is recently observed only on my desktop using Outlook 2007 (which had been stable for years). Everything else is working great. My laptop has the latest Outlook version, and functions PERFECTLY. All of our Outlook clients are attached in an Exchange environment, albeit my workstation is the only one in the company with this issue.

I have not attempted an Office 2007 rebuild

Ps. An answer from anyone that can resolve this extremely annoying issue would be SO appreciated. That said, if Diane P. is out there reading this ...you are amazing! For the past 22 years in IT it's hard to count the multitude of times your articles have come to my rescue. You seem to be there whenever I (we) greatly need. I'm not certain how (even why) you do this, but thank you!!

IMO You are THEE Outlook /Exchange Goddess! May you live long and be well!!!
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