Move from Outlook 2007 Enterprise (MOE) to Outlook Pro plus 2007

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I have a corrupt and screwed up Outlook 2007 Enterprise on a Windows 10 PC. Folders were deleted, (Sent, Deleted, and others), other problems.
I've tried he repair, tried removing and reinstalling it, command /resetfolders, and more.
Client does not have any of the original installation media.
I have a Office 2007 Pro Plus installation disc with a VLK.
Which of your tutorials would be best for backing up data and then load on new system.
(I love using Outlook, hate working on it) Slipstick has bailed me out over the years.

Diane Poremsky

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If he is using POP3, all you need to do is make copies of the pst files. You'll probably also want signatures and maybe some of the other files (for word and excel) in app data and local app data.
Moving Outlook to a New Computer lists the files and their locations.
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