Missing guide "Move an Outlook Personal Folders .pst File"

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I am new here, sorry for posting in the wrong section.
The guide "Move an Outlook Personal Folders .pst File" seems to be missing here.
"Move an Outlook Personal Folders .pst File

That said, I had quite some work to get thing working.

Stumbled over a thread were Diane advised to create a new profile.
After doing so, it worked.

Maybe the guide could be update as far as 2013 is concerned?
I followed the guide, but upon re-reading just now, I noticed that it was applicable for Outlook versions upto 2010. Seems though it is workable for 2013 as well.
The page wasn't loading or was a link in it in not working? (It's loading for me right now but some updates were installed and the site was down for a couple of minutes earlier.)

I'll look over it but for the most part, outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 are pretty much identical under the hood and the steps should be the same.
Sorry to confuse you Diane. Didn't express me the right way I guess.
I just wanted to suggest to add the "Move an Outlook Personal Folders" subject to the "Guides" on the forum.
Just an idea.

I haven't done any fresh Windows install right now, but a couple of months back I setup Windows 10 and also Office 2013.
Whilst setting up Outlook - at the account settings section, the part where one can 'test' the account, I could select a .pst file. (ignore the Dutch text)

However, when going thru the settings again yesterday, that part is gone... (?)

Now, I wonder what happens, when doing a fresh Windows and Office install..
I have multiple profiles (4 different domains).

One way or the other, in the old days (that's to say at least uptil sep last year), when selecting the .pst file (1st screenshot below), all profiles are loaded and actually I didn't need to do anything at all. I mean nothing with start->control panel->mail and profiles and stuff.

Seems that has changed then?



Whilst setting up Outlook - at the account settings section, the part where one can 'test' the account, I could select a .pst file. (ignore the Dutch text)

However, when going thru the settings again yesterday, that part is gone... (?)
That setting is only available for POP3 accounts. It's a gmail account - so the default account type is IMAP (using auto account setup). If you want POP3, you need to use manual setup.
Ah, right... many thanks indeed!

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