Outlook 2016 Web add-in missing on some machines

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My company uses the Salesforce.com Lightning for Outlook web add-in. The add-in is properly installed and configured on our Exchange server. The add-in is checked "on" in my server profile and appears in the Outlook ribbon and works fine -- on OWA and in OL16 on two of my three machines. On #3, it used to appear in the ribbon and now it doesn't. I have another user where it likewise disappeared from OL16. Created a new OL16 profile fro myself on a different machine, add-in works fine there too. So, it's not a problem with the add-in itself, the server configuration, or user permissions. All Office 2016 and Windows 10 v1809 updates are current. Is there a way to tell OL16 to re-enable the web add-ins or force a re-load, or am I stuck blowing away my profile and starting over?
I don't think you can 'reload' it - but does it come back to you reset the ribbon? Is it listed in the Custom ribbon options as a command you can add?

Remembering issues from when i tested the Outlook Contact Manager - open Internet Options (start typing it on the start menu or find it in control panel... or open it from IE if you use it) General > Settings > Cache and Databases. Delete the Outlookapps database. or look on the computers where it works to see what the name might be. Allow website caches and databases should be enabled too.
On the machines where the add-in isn't displayed, there's no command listed under ribbon options, and resetting the ribbon doesn't bring it back. I tried deleting the databases as suggested (that's some obscure stuff, there!) , but it didn't change the symptoms. I tried adding a new mail profile for myself under the same user account, and the new profile also doesn't show any web add-ins. Tried adding a mail profile for a different Exchange account (they get the add-in fine on their machine), still no joy. So, the problem looks like it's either tied to the Outlook install on this machine, or to my Windows user account on this machine. I'll try the same machine but with a different Windows user account tomorrow.
Hmm. I thought I mentioned the %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook\roamcache folder - there are files there for the extensions. I don't know if deleting (or moving) those would allow it to load. I think the files have the option settings, from looking at some of mine, but not sure what else they do.
Stream_ClientExtension* - this one is from the junk mail reporting addin -

Moving Stream_ClientExtension* out of the roamcache folder made no difference. On the machine with the problem, using a different Windows account and the same Exchange account, OL16 shows the web add-in just fine. So the issue is related to my Windows account on this specific machine (that Windows account doesn't show the symptom on two other machines). Any thoughts about config files or registry settings at user level that might come into play? HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options\WebExt\MarketplaceUrls is the only thing I found that's even in the neighborhood and I'm hesitant to poke around in there.
I'll need to investigate - at this point, no. I don't know if what the entries in that key are for, but I would probably rename the key (add a - to the end) and restart Outlook - see what happens.
Exited OL16, renamed the key. When OL16 started, it recreated the key, no change in the symptoms. I'll keep digging.
I'm looking at the entries under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity and wondering if there's an authentication/authorization issue. In particular, ...\ServiceAuthInfoCache\CredStoreKeyToAuthScheme has references to the servers for the web add-ins (ex: ,mailapp.force.com for Salesforce). Any clues to how to safely monkey-wrench these settings? I'm trying really hard not to get my Windows profile so messed up I have to start over.
I had long given up on using the Salesforce add-in on that specific computer. Just installed Office 2016 build 12325.20288 and my add-in is automagically working again! Nothing in the registry looks different, so I'm going to close this one out as "unexplained cause, unexplained solution"
Thanks for the update - best guess: they fixed whatever was wrong. ("They" can be Microsoft or salesforce or both. :))
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