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Hello, I am using Outlook 2010 configured with a POP3 account onto MS Outlook works fine, it retrieves all messages and deletes them from the Web Inbox. I have unchecked the option to leave a copy on the server so it deletes the original copy on the web server. In MS Outlook following deletion of individual messages from the inbox they are moved into the deleted folder on, the same occurs for the sent items being placed into the sent folder in I have configured correctly including checking this option "Do what my other program says — if it says to delete messages, then delete them." I have also checked this option in the POP3 section "Do what my other program says — if it says to delete messages, then delete them." I know that I can use the alternate setup to sync the mailboxes with Outlook connector however the processor in this PC is fairly slow and does not handle this method very well. Does anyone know a way under POP3 to clear out the deleted and sent folders using POP3 into the web mail server. I and thousands of others need to resolve this as the web accounts are going to fill up quickly, one should not have to manually go into the web mail account and manually clear these two folders whilst using MS Outlook 2010 or below. NOTE: I also have MS Outlook configured to delete all deleted messages on exit. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Garry
The deleted items online should clear automatically as the messages age - i think it's as they hit 30 days they are deleted. So as long as they go into the trash online, your mailbox wont fill up due to trash. I thought the mailboxes were fairly large - like 5 GB - so it holds a lot. (I looked in my acct but it doesn't say.)

ETA: sent folders online will need to be cleared online. POP3 only applies to the inbox.
Hi Dianne, thanks for the prompt reply. In there is only a deleted folder, there is no trash folder, I presume that they are the same meaning. My ISP "Bigpond Australia" are using under a special arrangement, our inbox space is 1 GB only. Confirming your reply, when I delete messages from the sent box in MS Outlook, they do not delete from the sent box in Confirming also, the Sent folder is NOT part of the in box (my 1gb), if so how do I find out the available capacity of the Sent Folder. Thanks....Garry
Yes, Trash is the same as Deleted. Yeah, if you are using POP3, the sent folder is local only, it's not synced. If you se the Outlook connector to connect to the account you'll be able to sync the folders and what you delete in Outlook will be deleted online.
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