Current View Pane for Contacts missing from Outlook 2016

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Hello - I'm updating from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2016.
In Outlook 2007 Contacts I have lots of differently defined Current View's which would show up in the Navigation Pane when you select show Current View Pane.


I can't find how to replicate this in Outlook 2016? The Navigation Pane seems to have been renamed to the Folder Pane and I only seem able to see the list of my Current View's under the drop down arrow shown below, however this only shows my defined Current View's as Yellow Envelope Icon's with 10 characters for a description which isn't sufficient to identify which view I'm looking for.


I use my defined views very effectively to manage my contacts (now people in Outlook 2016) so this is an important feature for me. Can this be done in Outlook2016 - any suggestions?
Thanks for any replies.
The views should migrate with the mailbox or data file but that view list in the navpane is no longer supported. (Removed as of 2010). The views will be listed under change views - and you can add that command to the quick access toolbar for fast access, but will still need to expand it.

(Not sure why they gave it the arrow icon - and unfortunately, it can't be changed. :()
oh, and the views will be in the Current view box on the Home ribbon - click the arrow to expand it to see the all of the views. The max it will show is 6 views, if there is room for it to expand on the ribbon. A list view would be nice here, but unfortunately, it's all icons. :(
Just a quick note to say thanks for your explanation. Ended up on Office2010 with the same issue but at least back in familiar territory.
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