current cursor position in the reply event

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what is the c# code to know current cursor position in the reply event.


Nagaraj Tadipatri

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Always post your Outlook version.

If this is Outlook 2007 all emails use WordMail. Inspector.WordEditor is a

Word.Document object. You'd use the Word object model to find the cursor


For earlier versions if WordMail is being used you'd use the same method. If

it's an HTML email you'd get the Inspector.HTMLEditor object which is an

IHTMLDocument object, then you'd use the methods of that object. For Plain

Text it's not exposed unless you use a 3rd party library such as Redemption


"Nagaraj" <> wrote in message
> what is the c# code to know current cursor position in the reply event.

> Thanks

> > Nagaraj Tadipatri
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