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I'm having an issue opening Office attachments (Word, Excel) received in Outlook (the program in Microsoft 365) ( Windows 10, up to date, Microsoft 365, all updates applied)

If I double click or click the small arrow and click open, Excel files fail "The file couldn't be opened in Protected View". In Word I get an error "Word experienced an error trying to open the file" which lists file permissions as possible caused.

If I go into either of these programs in the "Trust Centre" and disable the option "Enabled Protected View for Outlook attachments" when I try opening file I get a dialog box open or save and if I click open the files opening normally.

As I understand it, if I enabled "Enabled Protected View for Outlook attachments" the file should open in the respective product but across the top I should get a banner "Protected View - be careful - files from the internet can contain Viruses. " There is also an option box that I can click to "Enable Editing".

I don't get this banner, the files fail as described above, Excel on "Protected file" error and Word on "Experienced an error".

I tried shutting of all the options in protected view Trust Center, closed the program, went back in to the Trust centre and re-enable the three options hoping that would generate the banner. (By the way the "Message Bar" is also enabled in Trust Centre).

I can't find any option in Outlook or Office to generate the banner rather than the hard fail messages.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
I should have added Windows Defender is the AV on system.
Now that I cleaned up all the &*^%$ spammers...

As I understand it, if I enabled "Enabled Protected View for Outlook attachments" the file should open in the respective product but across the top I should get a banner "Protected View - be careful - files from the internet can contain Viruses. " There is also an option box that I can click to "Enable Editing".
This is correct - it should open in the apps, but with a banner reminding you that it is in protected mode.

Is this a personal or business account? If business the admin could have a policy set - but even that doesnt make sense because you can change the settings... a policy should lock everything down if the admin is worth anything.

Rather than change trust center settings, you could unblock the file - or add the save location to the trusted locations list.

To unblock: right click on the file, select Properties > General tab, the Unblock option is at the bottom.

Did you try doing a repair?
To repair your Office installation, right click on the start menu and choose Apps & Features, find and select the Office installation. Choose Modify then select the Quick repair option. Use the Quick Repair option first as it will fix many things and complete fairly quickly.
Thank you Diane for responding.

This is just a retail install of Windows 10 Home.

I was trying to avoid the save and unblock... just wanted it to work as it should. Double click and open.

Yes I did the Quick repair. I was avoiding the full repair as this person lives in the country and use shaky cellular internet.

There doesn't appear to be any option that says show or don't show banner and I been searching extensively.

I also ran SFC /scannow which did not correct issue.
I read an article about shutting of add-ins and that to did not fix situation.
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