How To Get Body of All Emails to view in Blue


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I have been working with a client who is using Outlook 2016. He wants the body of all email messages that come in and that he currently has to be in blue.

(I was able to make it blue for the name, subject and message preview, but I can’t seem to get the entire body of all his messages to be blue.)

Thanks In Advance

Diane Poremsky

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You cannot apply conditional format to message bodies. You can change the font settings so the body is is blue for all plain text messages easy enough - but it will apply to plain text messages you compose tho too

You can not change HTML messages using any simple method within Outlook but you can convert all HTML messages to plain text then change the plain text font. It is possible to use a macro to change HTML bodies, but I do not recommend it as it actually edits the message.

I did this by setting Outlook to use plain text for all messages then change the plain text font to blue. (I can change it back to HTML by clicking on the Info Bar text: "We converted this message into plain text format.")