Forward a email with modified body Automatically.


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First time poster here, i took some time to read what the forum has to offer but i still have some questions

Description of the issue:
What i am trying to achieve is that when ever i receive a email with the Subject "XXXX" from the sender "XXXX" it will look in the body for a specific sentence, lets say "error123:" and it will have a description "this fail because of issues". This email contains a lot of information and everything should be striped except that error message. This error message could appear more then once in the body for example "error124" and "error125" as well or it could not appear at all and just be a simple email with lots of information. Once i verify that the email in fact does include this error message i want to forward only the error code plus the error message to a different email address and for simplicity it can be the same subject.

Points of concern:
  • I have been reading that you can add button(Macros) that can make this for you and it can be run when outlook it self is open, but is it possible to run this at night when i do not have outlook open?
  • This emails are coming to a mailing box and not my direct email does that have any impact on how i set this up?

Thx in advance.
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