1. A

    Forward mails with "FW:" or "RE:" in title

    So after a bit of research I've come to the conclusion that Outlook has a sort of built-in protection that prevents automatically forwarding mails that come with a "FW:" or "RE:" in the title. Probably to prevent mail storms or something. Is there a way to disable this security feature? I...
  2. S

    Auto forward for multiple emails

    Hi, I have a VBA script that auto-forwards one set of conditions to a group of people. I want to add another set of conditions so that it auto-forwards a different email to another group of people so that the script sends email 1 to group A and email 2 to group B. I'm having difficulty getting...
  3. O

    Forward a email with modified body Automatically.

    Hello, First time poster here, i took some time to read what the forum has to offer but i still have some questions Description of the issue: What i am trying to achieve is that when ever i receive a email with the Subject "XXXX" from the sender "XXXX" it will look in the body for a specific...
  4. I

    Forwarding attachments in email received

    I am looking for vba code to forward attachments in an email received to be forwarded to a particular email id. I can set rule if the attachment count is one however I need to send each attachments in the email individually to the email id. Thank you
  5. undercover_smother

    Automatically Forward All Sent Mail and Delete After Send

    Greetings, I've tried a few options but none have worked. I'm trying to get all SENT emails from a 2010 email account to forward to another email account (on same server; I don't know if that is relevant) and to delete the forwarded email. Some notes: - This is to observe an employee that I...
  6. C

    VBA to Forward e-mails from certain address and between certain times

    Hi, I am looking for a VBA code to forward emails from a common mialbox to another address based off of two constraints: 1. if the email came from a certain address 2. if the email came between certain times Thanks for your help :) Coffee
  7. D

    VBA to edit body of incoming email and forwarding it

    Hi all, I am trying to make a script / rule / combination of both that only occurs when i receive an email from a specific address. I would like to copy the body of the address and edit two things: • there is a hyperlink'ed word, "website" (see attached). I would like to change the address of...
  8. G

    Outlook 2016: reply icon not showing when replied from mobile

    Hello Using Outlook 2016 (Win10) with 1 account (still waiting to be moved across) and 2 GSuite (aka Google Apps for Work) accounts. When i reply, forward etc from Outlook, the icon of said action shows up nicely. However, when i reply/forward from my iOS devices (Mac/iPad/iPhone)...
  9. Diane Poremsky

    Foward a Message and CC the Original Recipients

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