Creating an outlook rule to forward an email with a specific message

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I am trying to automate a daily task of forwarding certain emails to a specific user with a generic message. So ideally the rule would be something like this:

message recieved from JohnDoe
Forward message to JaneDoe
Add text in the forwarded message: "Please see John's message"

Is this possible with outlook rules or would it involve a VB script? I attached a screenshot of my current rule but I am still not sure how to add my message to the forwarded email.



Diane Poremsky

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You need to use a run a script rule. Set the conditions in the rule then put all the actions in the script.

Sample script is here - Run a Script Rule: Change Subject then Forward Message - you'll remove the first two line that change the subject and save it - add myforward.body = "please see john's message" & body after the recipient line.
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