Creating custom appointment request form with multiple mail recipients

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Thank you in advance for taking your time to see through my request. This is the first time I am working with Outlook custom forms so I might ask questions that usually seem obvious. I am a little experienced in VBA though so we don't have to start from scratch concerning what I need.

I need to create a custom appointment request form which sends a notification email to a certain address. The scenario is this:
At our company our users can reserve a room in the appointment request as usually met in other companies. The special request is that the appointment request will generate an email to our secretariat including a couple of information like how many people will attend and if refreshments are required. Building the form was not much of an issue as I could just drag&drop most of the needed elements. My question is now: How can I access those infos on the form and how can I send them in a seperate email to our secretariat?

We chose this option over simply adding the infos to the message field as this might not always be shown due to using the private tag on an appointment.

If you have any questions concering our environment or the custom solution then please don't hesitate to ask.

you need to use VBScript - read the recipients, then generate the mail. I have VBA samples that do most of that and it's fairly easy to convert it to VBScript so its embedded in the form, although not all VBA methods and functions work in vbscript.

This should give you an idea of how to get the attendees: Create a List of Meeting Attendees and Responses - it also has basic code for how to create a message.
Thank you Diane for your response.

I am not quite sure whether we understood each other or not. So I am going to describe my request once more (and a with more information).

The email I want to generate should be generated as soon as a meeting request is sent. But instead of sending all information (i.e. the agenda for the meeting) I only want to sent date, time, place and my custom fields to our secretariat so that they can provide the requested refreshments.

To break it down into smaller questions:
1. How can I execute a method / function on send? And where can I access that on my form customizer?
2. How can I access my custom fields?
3. How can I send a new email with my customized content?

This hopefully gives you more insight on what I want to do. I feel like we didn't quite talk about the same thing...
That is how i read it - you need to use VBScript and will need to count the recipients (and I assume, the room name). Once you get that, you'll use vbscript to compose the message when the Send button is pushed.

In Forms designer, there is a button called View Code - that is where you enter the script. It's similar to vba, but not quite as good. The available methods are on the Script > Event Handler menu - you'll use the send event.

Now... if you are going to be the only user and only on this computer, you could use a VBA macro that is triggered when the form is used. It is a little easier to work with IMHO but vbscript is stored in the published form so it's always available.
oh, and to get the values from custom fields, use
Ah, perfect! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for you help!
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