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I've tried unsuccessfully to create a gmail account in Outlook 2013 for the last couple days. I've followed instructions on youtube videos and other write ups as to how to do this.

One site almost insinuates this cannot be done without a workaround. I've followed the directions on that site also to no avail. That site is here ...

Can someone (Diane) or another please give me "easy to follow directions" as how to do this. Thanks!
Thanks for the quick reply. Right now, when I test it, it brings up a little window with Internet E-mail - my address. It says "enter your user name and password for the following server" ... server
Then it has my email address in the User Name and my password. But that this window is coming up means it isn't working still. If I hit the ok, it disappears and comes right back again.
When I hit the cancel, I get this message ... "Log into incoming mail server (POP3): The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or internet service provider (ISP).
Sent test e-mail message. Your server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings."

I got this same message today when I created my aol account. Eventually I kept trying and made a mistake and did it right. The gmail though seems to be more problematic. I'll look at your instructions and if you've got furthered advice regarding what I've written here, please advise.
This tells me the username or password is wrong : Your server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings." - use the full email address for the username and your password - but it really sounds like maybe two-factor auth is enabled.

This shows where to check in gmail -
Not sure what goes here. When I click on Settings, then Accounts & Imports, the window that comes up here is not like what's in this video at all. In other words, I cannot get to the part that says Security, not the way it is here in your video.
I can get to a place that has Security Checkup, Personal Info, Signing in, Recent Activity, Account Tools, Connected Apps & Services, Account Management.

Till I can get instruction where to go in either of these, I'm at a standstill. It's probably right here in front of me but I'm not seeing how to get to where or what you're doing in your video. I'll await for your furthered instruction.
Here's what I did Diane to get this things working. At the advice of this site ...
... I enabled / allowed less secure apps. Then in Internet e-mail settings, I put 995 for the incoming mail & 465 for the smtp outgoing. Also, I checked off "This server requires an encrypted connection SSL" and also in the "Use the following type of encrypted connection" ... I put it of course to SSL.
But then, according to the site I posted here, Outlook will not connect to Gmail after July 15th 2014. And I'm told of course, by enabling less secure apps, I set myself up for a *probable* target for someone to break into my account.
This is the only way at present I can get Gmail to work in Outlook but would you do that yourself, or would you advise against it. It seems to me, apart from the way I've done it, there is no way Outlook 2013 & Gmail are going to get along together. What do you think
Ok, let me answer this myself then for those who will not see this final posting. Gmail & Outlook 2013 are not going to coincide and if one decides to open it in Outlook, enabling less secure apps, it leaves one vulnerable to attacks because of the security issue. If having ones' system being broken into is something that that one enjoys, I'll be the first to encourage it. Otherwise, it's a no brainer!
Consequently, I simply deleted that email account in Outlook and will use Gmail in Chrome.
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