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Hi All, I'm new here but have already found several solutions to my existing problems. Thanks!

One problem remains vexing, though. I am using an HTA to create an Outlook MeetingItem (appointment) from a "calendar-like" formatted text and attachments copied to the Clipboard, but I have not been able to figure out how to copy the Clipboard text to the Body in the Meeting as formatted text. Further, the attachments don't come over (but do when I do this manually by pasting the Clipboard to the body as formatted text).

Here is the sub at issue:

Sub outl(x)
    Dim olApp : Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")  '  this gets/creates the outlook instance
    Dim cont : cont = document.parentwindow.clipboardData.GetData("text")  '  this pulls in the clipboard
    if IsNull(instr(cont,"Subject: ")) then msgbox "You need to copy a mtg text first" : exit sub  '  check to make sure I some clipboard text
    if instr(cont,"Subject: ") < 1 then msgbox "You need to copy a mtg text first" : exit sub  '  now check to see if clipboard contains "calendar-like" text
    Dim olCal : Set olCal = olApp.CreateItem(1)  '  1 is for creating an olAppointmentItem
    olCal.MeetingStatus = 1  '  1 is to make it an olMeeting
    olCal.Recipients.Add("")  '  populate recipients
    olCal.Subject = "bn " & mid(cont, instr(cont,"Subject: ")+9, instr(cont,"When: ")-instr(cont,"Subject: ")-11)  '  populate subject
    olCal.Location = mid(cont, instr(cont,"Where: ")+7)  '  populate location
    olCal.Body = cont  '  This gives me unformatted text and no attachments.  I want it formatted (but .HTMLBody is not supported by this item type).
    Dim conts  '  a bunch of fancy text manipulations to find start and end times (there may be a better way, but it works)
    conts = mid(cont, instr(cont,"When: ")+6, instr(mid(cont, instr(cont,"When: ")+6),"-")-1)
    conts = mid(conts, instr(conts, "day,")+5)
    olCal.Start = cdate(conts)  '  after all that, here is the start date and time
    conts = mid(cont, instr(cont,"When: ")+6, instr(mid(cont, instr(cont,"When: ")+6),"GMT")-2)
    conts = mid(conts, instr(conts, "day,")+5)
    conts = left(conts, instr(conts, ", ")+6) & mid(conts, instr(conts, "-")+1)
    olCal.End = cdate(conts)  '  and here is the end date and time
    olCal.Display  '  now bring up the MeetingRequest item
    Set cont = Nothing
    Set conts = Nothing
    Set olApp = Nothing 
End Sub

Any suggestions, clues? TIA

Does it work if you use the forms object to paste? (it doesn't here, but I have a lot of your code commented out)

formatted text in the body of outlook items is tricky because it doesn't use html format, only rtf, so you can't use htmlbody like you would for email. Redemption can do it, but it's funky and the results aren't always what you would expect.

AFAIK, you can't use the 'keep source formatting' command in VBA.

I don't know if you can use this method - VBOffice - Samples - it may only work with mail.
Yes, you can use the keep source command - you do need to set word as a reference in tools > references to use it.

This code works - I was running into problems because I wasn't displaying the olcal after it was created. Once I moved the display line, it was perfect.

This assumes I have something on the clipboard before I run it.

Sub outl()
   On Error Resume Next
       Dim olCal: Set olCal = Application.CreateItem(1)
       olCal.Subject = "bn " & Now
       olCal.Location = "here" 
Dim objItem As Object 
Dim objInsp As Outlook.Inspector 
Dim objWord As Word.Application 
Dim objDoc As Word.Document 
Dim objSel As Word.Selection 
Set objItem = olCal ' Application.ActiveInspector.currentItem 
Set objInsp = objItem.GetInspector 
Set objDoc = objInsp.WordEditor 
Set objWord = objDoc.Application 
Set objSel = objWord.Selection 
objSel.PasteAndFormat (Word.WdRecoveryType.wdFormatOriginalFormatting)
    Set cont = Nothing
    Set conts = Nothing
    Set olApp = Nothing 
End Sub
This looks good -- I have been playing around with the Inspector, but no luck so far. I will report back once I've tried again using your model (probably not till later).

One problem, though, with VBScript in an HTA, is that there is no early binding that I know of. So I can't "reference" anything that way. So, on the Dims, do I just leave out the "as somethings" and proceed, or do I need to also CreateObjects (such as the Outlook.Inspector and/or the Word.Application)?

In the meantime, I have this kludge, using "SendKeys" (I know, I don't like it either) but don't know the keyboard shortcut for jumping to the body of the Meeting Request (I have the 8 tabs to do it). Do you know of one?

    Dim S : Set S = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    S.AppActivate "bn "
    Delay 2  '  Delay is a sub I wrote for pausing, in this case, around 2 seconds
    S.SendKeys "{tab 8}^v^{Home}"
    Set S = Nothing

Many Thanks!!!

Arrr... forgot about the binding. It may work to leave out the 'as something' part of the dim, but it's usually better to create the objects and properly dim them. In the case of word, I'm pretty sure you will need to use createobject.
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