edits to free/busy fielddon't show up in meeting requests

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First off: Our users use Outlook 2003 and our Exchange version is Exchange 2010.

When one of our users sends a meeting request to other users the free/busy field is put on "tentative". Everybody accepts the meeting request and all shows up the same in everyone's Outlook. When the sender can verify that the meeting can indeed proceed, she edits the original request from "tentative" to "busy" and sends it again. The other users accept it again, but the free/busy field doesn't change from "tentative" to "busy". And this happens a lot. Not always. But a lot.

Anyone any thoughts on what could cause this?
I'll also try this again with some test users, but my first test was also unsuccesfull. But one of my colleagues claims he used this function and that it worked like described...
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