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First, my thanks again for solving one of my long-running problems on my last post. The other issue that I can't solve is this: My calendar is loaded with work and family events, as well as sports team schedule downloads, holidays, etc. (I mark the important stuff as "busy" and everything else as "free.") I sync my i-phone with that calendar. My wife doesn't need all that stuff so I built a second calendar to sync with her i-phone. She only needs events that are "busy." So I copy/paste events one at a time to the second calendar. That is very tedious! Is there an easier way to do this? (Copy/paste for both events and contacts seems very tempermental. You must right-click the item, then click the "edit" tab then "copy" and then you must carefully click the place you wish to paste before you can actually paste... and sometimes "copy" or "paste" is greyed out and not an option!!! Am I doing it wrong?) Thank you again for all of your help!!!
Should be able to just drag the busy items from your calendar to her calendar folder name.... but the only other way is with a VBA - it can detect new items and copy them to her calendar.

This is a manual macro - Copy meeting details to an Outlook appointment - Slipstick Systems - if you want to copy the appointment, you run the macro.

This macro can copy the events automatically as you add them to your calendar - Save appointments to a non-default Outlook calendar folder - Slipstick Systems You'll need to change Item.Move to Item.copy and wrap it in an if-then statement -

If item.BusyStatus = olBusy Then

' copy

end if
Thanks for the reply. The drag suggestion will MOVE the event from one calender to another. I need to copy / paste the event, which still requires the tedious task I described (I know there is a ctrl-click-drag maneuver, but more than once the event "fell" into the wrong place while dragging and totally mixed us up!). As for the macro, the instructions in the link were almost literally a different language to me. I need a step-by-step for how to create and how to utilize such a feature (I don't even know what VBA means!) Thanks again!!!
Thanks again!! I got all the way to the last 2 steps in the macro instruction, but wasn't sure how to "place mouse in application_startup macro" When I hit F5 I got a "compile error - user dfined type not defined" and the text "Function GetFolderPath(ByVal FolderPath As String) As Outlook.Folder" was highlighted. (BTW I am using Outlook 2003.) Incidentaly, my issue with the CTL/Drag is that while dragging, the slightest flinch with the mouse will drop an event(s) in the wrong place - sometimes in the calendar it came from! I have been able to group a "busy" list view to copy / paste several events. Thanks for all of your recent help!
It should work in 2003 - I'll test it to be sure. I'm not sure what caused that error either.

Have you tried click lock? It locks the selection until you click to release. I personally don't care for it, but I know several people who prefer it, in part because it does prevent mistakes when dragging. I guess its all in what you get used to. It's enabled in Control panel > Mouse. Outlook Tips | Tip 951: Stop Accidentally Dragging Outlook Folders

The application Start macros run when outlook starts - so it test it without restarting outlook, you need to click anywhere within the application startup macro then click run. You can click anywhere between Sub / End sub. I usually hit the first line.
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