Troubleshooting Creating New Outlook Account


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I have a very basic question (I think) - I'm trying to setup a new user account on Outlook but when I'm in the 'Add New E-mail Account' dialog box of the setup, I get a red X next to the 'Search for server settings'. When I plug my computer into a Verizon router however I can successfully create the account using the same process. After I create the account and then plug back into my Adtran router, I can send outgoing mail but I cannot recieve any incoming mail. Could this be a firewall issue? What are some initial places I can check to see why it's failing when searching for the server settings?


Diane Poremsky

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It's either a firewall or other configuration on the router blocking Outlook. Because you can send, it's letting outlook access the network but is not letting traffic back in.

Log into the adtran router and check the firewall settings- if you used the router with other computers you may need to set it to allow traffic from the computer. If its a new router, it's firewall is blocking too many ports.