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Hello All,

I am completely new to forms and would like to know if it's possible to create a form with multiple tabs or pages. The 'master tab' will contain information filled out by the user from drop lists and free text fields and this will auto-populate the relevant tab.

The form that I want my team to fill out is a request to create a new product, which I want to feed into a db either access or excel. I need 3 tabs/pages. (is there a significant difference between a tab and a page?)

Master Tab - Basic Fund Detail

Product Tab 1 - Mutual Fund Detail

Product Tab 2 - Hedge Fund Detail

In the master tab, I have read in other threads ways to create drop lists and other fields. I have played about and I can do this. However, I want the information input into the master tab to dynamically update the relevant product tabs.

For example - in the Master Tab

Asset Category is a field with the possible values in a drop list of "Mutual Fund" or "Hedge Fund".

Name of Fund is a free text field

Name of Manager is another free text field

Research Recommended is a Yes/No icon

These same fields will appear in the product tabs. But I want the information filled in to be copied from the master tab to the product tab without the user having to type it in all over again.

I hope I have explained myself accurately!! Please let me know if this can be achieved in Outlook forms? I can't use Access Forms or Infopath. My other alternative is to use excel attached to an email.

Thanks very much!!!
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