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    auto forward base on email address in body email

    Hello All, Kindly sorry if my English very bad, I'm from Indonesian and i want ask about auto forward with some rules. Example: 1. I get email from Microsoft alert ( with body email like this: "Severity: High Activity: FileDeleted User: This...
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    Forward a email with modified body Automatically.

    Hello, First time poster here, i took some time to read what the forum has to offer but i still have some questions Description of the issue: What i am trying to achieve is that when ever i receive a email with the Subject "XXXX" from the sender "XXXX" it will look in the body for a specific...
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    On click,I want to change subject line of selected mail and then reply to particular email and move

    My purpose to reply the email and then move it to another folder with the updated subject link.I edit the reply subject line with rule and also i need to keep the same subject line as replied and then moved to another folder. Scenario: My colleague moved a mail to my folder(B) from group mail...
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    populate calendar with appointments and send reminders

    I am the volunteer Faith Community Coordinator for our local homeless shelter. I schedule a different church to host our guests every night of the year. (Our guests sleep there) There must be a way that I can create appointments or meetings for each church for a six month period and tell it...