Anyone tell me where custom view settings are stored?

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I had an issue recently which necessitated creating a new profile and adding my existing mail accounts into it (old profile deleted). Custom forms were gone but I knew how to resurrect them, not so with custom views - they are also gone but I've no idea if they are stored somewhere or whether I will need to manually reconstruct them - anyone?
What type of email account do you have configured in Outlook? POP, IMAP,, or Microsoft Exchange?

They are stored in the account's data file or the default data file - if you lost them, you must use an IMAP account. If they were in an Exchange mailbox, they will sync down - they are one of the last things to sync.
Thanks Diane, I have an Office 365 Exchange account i.e. an ost file. The views didn't sync, and even more annoyingly, having realised they were not that difficult to reconstruct, I recreated one yesterday, and checked that it was working and visible in the 'Manage Views' dialogue. This morning on starting up Outlook only the default views are shown, my 'reconstruction' is nowhere to be seen. These are calendar items and the custom views have been in use for years without issue. There is only one Outlook profile. Puzzled -any thoughts?
This is getting stranger, now when I click on the calendar for that account, most of the ribbon options disappear and all I see under view options is as per the screen print i.e. no 'change view' or 'view settings options' . I will delete and re-add the account into the profile to see if it makes any difference.

Screenshot 2021-05-14 120955.jpg
It didn't make any difference!
What is your version and build of Outlook?
Check for updates then restart Outlook.

It's possible they are still in the data file but something is corrupt. You can export them using mfcmapi - I'll get you the instructions (but need to geta loaf of bread in the oven right now.:))
Thanks for reply Diane, but I've spent considerable time on the phone to MS support today as things took a turn for the worse and my calendar view decided to lose half the ribbon, particularly the Change View and View Settings options! As a result I have had to do a full repair install of Office, and jump through various other hoops, so I doubt the custom views are recoverable now anyway!
Since its an exchange mailbox, they should be one the server and sync down - provided you did not open outlook using the cleanviews switch.

If the install is corrupt, they might sync down when its fixed.
No, the custom views haven't synched, despite the install now being fixed and everything else working fine. I didn't use the cleanviews switch. I'm about to reconstruct manually. Never did answer your question about the Outlook version, it's 2104 Build 13929.20372 Click-to-Run.
Doh - ignore previous post, when I went to start rebuilding them they were already there, never doubted it for a minute! Would appreciate the notes on mfcmapi for future use though.
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