Where are BCM User Customizations located?

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Whenever we have a new user or there is a corrupted profile and a new one must be created, we lose all the users's customizations along with--and most importantly--all the tabs they have set up. I have been scouring the profile for awhile and have come up blank.

Anyone know where this stuff is located?

I thought all of the BCM stuff was in the bcm data base. If you mean ribbon tabs, they are in a customUI file at %localappdata%\microsoft\office.
Indeed all of the customization to BCM itself is stored in the database.

The tabs I'm trying to recover are the tabs for filtering contacts in the Contact Management Section, see below (Accounts and Business Contacts are all that's left when a new profile is created. All the tabs set up by the user are not stored in the BCM Database.):


I gave your suggestion a shot and copied the office folder from my previous profile to my new one. Sadly these tabs are not stored there. Any other ideas would be welcome!
I'll boot a test system and check - there is a program called Regshot that watches the registry and can watch the hard drive as you make changes.
Try C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager - i think its the minortab folder but i can't tell based on the file dates. The files can be opened in notepad so you can look for the tab name.
That was the only folder that had a new file in it when i created a tab but i don't see any information containing the tab name in the file.

I'd probably copy the entire folder over and see if the tabs come back.
I know... shouldn't talk to myself. :) But Browsing a bit more and a found a dat file that does list the tab names - it's in
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager\Shell\profile-name

i don't know if there is anything in the entire business contact folder that would cause issues if you just copied the entire thing over. (except the database files that is)
Thanks a lot for your efforts, Diane... and for telling me about this Regshot utility. I played around with it a bit, and it will come in handy in the future, i'm sure. A nice thing to have in one's toolbelt!

As for BCM and the tabs I'm looking for, I think I'm out of luck. I have verified that the folders you found exist and have some information in them, but I was only able to test in a scenario with varying users (USER1's MinorTabs folder copied to USER2's BCM folder). When this is done, Outlook prompts that there is an invalid configuration file and that it will reset everything to default values.

I wasn't able to test with my own profile backup--i'm not sure why, but the BCM folder is not there at all. I must have kept the wrong profile as a backup or something.

In any case, I will report back here if or when i find anything else!

Thanks again!!
Regshot is my savior - it makes people think I'm a genius and know everything. lol
As fate would have it, I had an opportunity to play with tab migration yesterday!

A user's Outlook 2010 profile got corrupted, and I had to create a new one.

This creates a folder for this new user profile:

C:\Users\{{ user.name }}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager\Shell\{{ user.new_profile.name }}
All the other stuff in the Business Contact Manager folder is tied to the windows account, rather than the outlook account.

Moving the .dat file from:

...\Business Contact Manager\Shell\{{ user.old_profile.name }}​


...\Business Contact Manager\Shell\{{ user.new_profile.name }}​

successfully restores the tabs!

I will report back if or when I play with migrating these tabs from one windows profile to another.
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