Linking Contacts to a Message Where the Contact isn't an Addressee

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I work in a busy Human Resources office where emails are sent back and forth about individuals. I have each of these "clients" listed in a contact list and use the contacts/activities to track emails to and from each client. However, in many cases I send notes to other offices asking about a client where the client himself is not part of the conversation. (eg: My note to a manager about a nomination for an award for Joe Smith isn't sent to Joe Smith, but I want to be able to see this in Joe Smith's activities.)

There is a setting to add a contacts box to tasks, and meetings, but not to messages. You can go through several steps to get to message options to add in contacts.

Is there an easier way to link contacts to messages without making them a party to the discussion?

Diane Poremsky

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On the several steps - it should be one click if the messages is open - then you can type the contacts name or click Contacts to select the contact.

Click the Expand button in the Options section to open Options dialog:


In the message list, right click and choose Message Options.

Message Options is under All Commands for customizing the QAT - although I'm not sure it will be timesaving since you can only add it to the QAT - the Expand button may be more convenient to click, unless you move the QAT below the ribbon.

I don't see it in the toolbar customization list (for when the message is closed) - i could be blind.
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