Need help concerning emails linking to BCM.

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I’ve scoured the internet and all of the BCM support forums (both sponsored by Microsoft, and by general users) and I cannot find the answer to my questions. Is the BCM a program / system that receives any attention at all from Microsoft support? Everything I’ve come across that involves any Microsoft support is well over 3 years old!!! Very frustrating!

I am working on Outlook 2010 and Business Contact Manager version 4.00.11308.00 at a company with one location. We have 25+ users who use the BCM. I am an administrator.

1.) Is there a way to AUTOMATICALLY link all emails sent to the history of each contact? I already know that it defaults when you have a group of users on the database that you have to manually connect the emails, but this is counter-productive. We’re using email for business, and we want anyone who is a contact within the Business Contact Manager to automatically link their emails. The same goes for any NEW contact who is added to the BCM. I need to override the system and set it to allow any email sent to/from a BCM contact to automatically file into the database.

2.) With that said, as we’ve had to manually upload/link the emails to each contact, we are experiencing duplicate emails being added into the email history of each contact. For example, if the contact is sent an email by an employee, and other employees are CC’ed on that email, when they each go to upload their recent emails to the BCM, the system will upload the same email communication multiple times. How do we prevent this? We do NOT need the same email (with no additional information) added to the contact record multiple times.

3.) Several of my staff members have asked about email attachments automatically being added and accessible by any BCM user within the email history records. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help and prompt answers to these questions.
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