Need Help with BCM2010 Sharing on outlook 2013 Scenario!


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Hi All,

I have a Win 7 desktop with Outlook 2010 and BCM 2010. I am just getting a win 8 laptop with outlook 2013.

When I had outlook 2010 on my old win7/outlook 2010, it was possible for me to use shared BCM 2010 data base and stay mobile.

Now with the purchase of Win8/outlook 2013 laptop, what is the best way to share my desktop BCM 2010 database. I like Win7 on the desktop and want to keep Win7/outlook 2010 combination if I can. The reason is Win 7 has seemed more stable than Win 8 and an easy interface as well.

Your help with options and scenarios will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.


Diane Poremsky

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You can't use the database with mixed versions. Sorry. If you install the BCM 2013 update both outlooks can use the same BCM install (with 2 separate databases) but they can't share the database and the databases won't sync.

If you decide to upgrade outlook 2010 to 2013, you can keep windows 7 and will be able to share the database.