Need help on configuring Outook 2003 Rules and Alerts...

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Hello all...!!! This is my first post in this forum... and shows that I need some help...

Ok, first thing first... I have Outlook 2003, 2 email accounts (email A & email B), two subfolders (folder A & Folder B) under INBOX folder for each email accounts and have some more severals subfolders (folder A1, A2, A3 and folder B1, B2, B3) under those 2 folders...

I'm able to set the rules for email to go to subfolders under folder A or folder B for example to folder A1 by setting rules by adding specific words under sender's (email A1) and recipient's (email A) address and move it to folder A1

My question is how can i set emails that dont belongs to any of these subfolders A1, A2 or A3 to go to folder A instead of gathering them all in INBOX folder...? I try adding 1 one rules similar to above rules but minus sender's (email A1) address and move it to folder A1. The problem is get 2 copy of my email one on my folder A and others is on my folder A1...

Maybe someone can give me better setting that I'm looking for...? Anyway I hope I didnt making all of you confuse with my explanation since English is not my main language.

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Are you using Stop processing on all rules?

first rule: move ll mail to A, stop processing

rule 2: move all mail to B, stop processing

rule 3: move what is let.
no im not... and yes after i following your suggestion all rules and email went to folders or subfolrders as supposed to...

thanks a lot Diane for your greatly assistance... i just cannot believe that the solution is pretty simple since im pretty much an average users of outlook...
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