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Phil edwards

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Hi there

I want to know if there’s any add-ins to meet a need I have. (I haven't used forums before so please excuse if I don't get the conventions right)

We have about 60 contracted meter readers in our metro area. Our OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) branch has required us to ensure all readers complete a form on a daily basis prior to commencing work. We are also required to confirm forms have been completed. Readers are contractors and don’t have access to corporate systems. Readers rarely come into the office as their work is sent and received via GPRS to PDA units. Other parts of the business are currently using hardcopy OSH forms.

I have created a cut-down version (to meet specific reader safety aspects) of the form in Word and my initial thought was to use Outlook to:

· Auto send an email containing the form to all readers email addresses on a daily basis – hopefully excluding public holidays and weekends (Note: I've found an add-in that does this bit)

· Set up delivery notifications and read receipts on all emails – auto direct to specific Outlook folders.

· Set up tracking of the above

· Track responses (ie emails returned from readers with the completed forms) against the individual daily emails sent – not sure if there’s a day to associate a particular responding email with the original sent email

I think the above will work but I’m not sure if there’s add-ins that will achieve what I’m after in relation to the two highlighted dot points.

I will set up an email group to include all readers email addresses.

The end result I’m after is to be able to auto send emails to all readers on normal working days and be able to track that they have responded with a completed form (or at least have sent an email response) each day. At a glance I want to be able to see which readers haven’t responded so I can follow up with them.

I’d appreciate your advice on add-ins that will satisfy my requirement, or if there’s an easier way of achieving what I want.

Regards, Phil

Phil edwards

Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Hi again Dianne

That seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

The Sperry people obviously didn't understand what I was after.

Many thanks, Phil
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