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Hello All!

This is the first time I'm posting a question here; I have searched and searched and searched here and other places and I cannot seem to get any results. I'm using VISUAL BASIC 2015 in Visual Studio 2015.

QUESTION: I need to have a modal window/popup from a particular website remain INSIDE the web browser control/window on my form (WebBrowser1); when a particular link is clicked, the modal window/popup jumps out of the form and directly to the user on their screen. I have to keep this popup inside because there are other links to be clicked inside that popup, but if it jumps out of the web browser control, no code will work since it's outside WebBrowser1.

What I have found is code for older versions, and not 2015; if anything I can even add WebBrowser2 to have the popups/modal windows appear there if possible, just as long as I can code them to keep clicking inside the form.

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