Anyone found a way to customize search?

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I love how BCM has instant search and filter fields everywhere, however it sometimes doesn't include the field we need to search on. Has anyone here found a way to tell BCM, "hey... search these fields as well!"

that'd be sweell,

AFAIK, the filters are not customizable beyond what the fields they offer.

Sorry if I wasn't clear--the filters actually do offer the field "Office Location", but we're trying to get the instant-search boxes to recognize this field as well. We often need to look up "NY Group" or w/e we have in that field to see all accounts belonging together.

Have you seen a place to do this?
Interesting, that field is available in Advanced Find but not in Instant search (at least not as office or offlicelocation)
Googling around, I found a post on the BCM blog. It's regarding BCM 2007, but it is directly related to what I'm trying to do.

A link to the post:

This excerpt is about custom field searching, it references some search operators which no longer seem to work.

Q: Is it possible to search user -defined fields?

A: In the Instant Search box, type the user -defined field name followed by a colon :)) and the value you are searching for. For example, if you have a user-defined filed called “Contract terms” and you are searching for”4”. You would type:

Contract terms: 4 in the Instant Search box.

Does anyone remember using these in 2007 BCM? They don't seem to work in my 2010 version. I can't see any reason they'd have for removing the ability to use search operators. maybe they've just changed?
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