Outlook PST files disappear, only found temp file HELP:

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We run our PC's off a server (R2008). One of our staff members pst file keeps on disappearing after she logs off. She is not a roaming profile. I have searched the server and only found a temp file that is about 1.6GB, similar to the size of what her pst file was. Is there anyway to recover this temp file. The computers are running windows 7. Could it be a corrupt installation of office 2010. This also happens after she creates a backup or copys the pst file.

Diane Poremsky

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You're using terminal services?

Are you sure the temp file belongs to the pst? Not that it matters, I'm not aware of any way to recover data from the temp file. However, Outlook 2010 does create temp files, in the same folder as the pst.

How is she backing up the pst?
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