Bulk import of PST files into Outlook

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I have got 318 PST files on a external drive. Is there any way to import all 318 PST files in on go into Outlook.

I know I can use File -> Open -> Outlook Data File

But its not feasible to do for all 318 files.

If anybody have a suggestion, please help.

Diane Poremsky

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Unfortunately I know of no easy way to open them. Outlook should handle the first 50 with ease but as you approach 100, it's going to be a slug and I'm not even sure you'll be able to open that many in a profile.

Do you want to open them in the profile or Import them into one pst?

You could create a PRF to add them to a profile, but its going to take time to create it - you could probably open the pst files almost as fast.
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