Sent mail not showing in Sent Items folder; but they can be found with Search

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MJH 10

Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
First time I have seen this behavior.

Sent several emails today and then went to check the "Sent Items" folder. Some of my emails were there, but there was one that was missing. I searched for the sent email item, and the search did find it. Looks like it is stored in the Sent Items folder from what I can see. However, when I display the Sent Items folder, it does not appear in the list.

Rebooted and sent a test email--it does show in the Sent Items folder. My earlier missing email still does not show in the Sent Folder view. However, if I search for the email, it does display in the Search Results.

I've checked all the other Sent folder for other accounts in my Outlook--it is not sitting in another account.

If I search in "Current Folder" the missing/non-displayed email is only found in the account's Sent Items folder (where it is not displayed unless you search.

Huh? How many more of my sent emails are not being displayed?
I should add, I logged into this account from another computer and my test email was displayed, but the missing one was not--but again I could find it with search on the second computer.
Is it a reply to a message that is stored in a folder, not in the inbox? there is an option in outlook to save sent messages with the original if not in the inbox.

If its not that, is there a view set on the folder that would be hiding it?
The message I replied to was in the standard Inbox.

I do not have any special view sets; don't use that feature.
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