Confirm Each Recipient in a New Outlook Mail Before it is Sent

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In Microsoft Outlook (2007) is there any way you can write code that will

present you with a message box asking you to confirm each of the recipients

in an e-mail after yopu click 'Send' and immediately before the e-mail is

dispatched to the server?

After I click on 'Send' I'd like to see a message box with something like

"Please confirm that you wish to send this e-mail to A and B and C (and that

you wish to copy X and Y and Z)". Ideally I'd like to see the names as they

appear in my address book i.e. 'John Doe' rather than


The e-mail would only be sent after you confirmed the recipients by clicking

on the 'OK' button on the dialog box. If you clicked 'Cancel' you would be

returned to the e-mail and could then either add or remove recipients. The

message box would also prevent accidental sending (by mistakenly clicking the

'Send' button or by typing 'Alt+S').

I'm sure many would find the message box annoying but I would find it very

helpful. I know you can double-check the names in the address fields before

clicking Send (which I always do anyway) but there are times when a double

check would be very useful.

I've looked for some code to achieve this (I'm not entirely familiar with VB

in Outlook) and came across the code below which I think is trying to do

something very similar to what I want but I can't get it to work.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be very appreciative.

How about a simple confirmation message asking if you really want to send

it? You can do this by pasting the code below into your ThisOutlookSession

VBA module:

Option Explicit

Dim WithEvents objInspectors As Inspectors

Dim WithEvents objMyNewMail As MailItem

Private Sub Application_Startup()

Set objInspectors = Application.Inspectors

End Sub

Private Sub Application_Quit()

Set objInspectors = Nothing

Set objMyNewMail = Nothing

End Sub

Private Sub objInspectors_NewInspector(ByVal Inspector As Inspector)

If Inspector.CurrentItem.Class <> olMail Then Exit Sub

Set objMyNewMail = Inspector.CurrentItem

End Sub

Private Sub objMyNewMail_Send(Cancel As Boolean)

If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to send this message?", vbYesNo +

vbQuestion _


Cancel = True

End If

End Sub
Eric's code looks OK, although by the time Application_Quit() fires any

Outlook objects are out of scope and can't be released in that event. I'd

just comment out that event handler entirely.

The code should work if you've enabled macros, what problem are you having

with it?

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