Importing Google contacts from CSV file removes recipient names in autocomplete list

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Niall M

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I have a work-based GMail account that I want to access through Outlook 2013 (I prefer the calendar/task integration much better with Outlook). Google Apps Sync works well, bringing over my email messages, calendars and even the Global Address Book through my work. However, unlike GMail, Outlook does not autocomplete email addresses when I compose an email. Contacts must be added to the autocomplete list in Outlook in order to enable this. (Having to hit the To: button, navigate to the right address book then search for an email address is too time-consuming.)
This article provides the steps to add email addresses to the autocomplete list in Outlook, which requires me to export my frequently used contacts from GMail as a CSV file, import it into Outlook, put Outlook in offline mode, compose an email, add all those contacts, hit send then delete the message while in offline mode.
HOWEVER, unlike contacts created right in Outlook, the imported contacts from the GMail CSV file do not include the recipient's name when added to a new email — only their email addresses appear. That means that the autocomplete only works by entering the user's email address and not their name. This makes autocomplete rather useless. The only way contacts seem to preserve their names, together with their email addresses is if contacts are CREATED in Outlook (you can export the contacts as a PST file then re-import them, but GMail cannot create PST files).
I should specify that the CSV export from GMail DOES include the recipient's name (first and last) and that information is imported successfully into Outlook.
Solutions for effectively adding Google contacts to Outlook 2013's autocomplete list, while preserving the recipient's names? Other ways to effectively link a Global Address Book to autocomplete?
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